Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there an order minimum? Yes, we have a $100 order minimum for pick up orders from our warehouse.  We request a minimum order of $300.00 for local GTA delivery and a $1000 minimum order for delivery to locations further than 2 hours from our warehouse.  There is a $2000 order minimum for Ottawa region deliveries.

2. How large is your inventory? When we curate our collections, most quantities for flatware, glassware, china and charger plates is based on events of 300 guests or less. In some cases, where items are vintage or discontinued with our suppliers, we may be limited to inventory on shelf, and this varies between 100-300 pieces. 

3. Do you deliver? Yes, we deliver all over the Greater Toronto Area, Muskoka, Niagara, Kitchener-Waterloo, and even to Ottawa!

4. Can we pick up our order? Typically yes – however, in the case of some fragile items, we must deliver and pick up using our professional staff.

5. Do you ship? Due to the fragile nature of our products, shipping is not recommended. However, if the items are not glass, we would be happy to issue a quote to ship our wooden charger plate collections, flatware etc.

6. Do you ship to the U.S.A. or globally? Sorry, we are unable to ship outside of Canada.

7. Where are your products made? We source our collections from Canada, U.S.A. Italy, France and Asia.

8.  Am I responsible for losses and breakage?
The customer is responsible for the rental equipment from the time that it is delivered until it has been picked up by Plate Occasions or it has been checked back into our warehouse by the customer. Please keep all equipment secure, dry and protected from the elements as we do charge for missing, broken and water damaged equipment at full replacement cost.

9. Do you offer a Damage Waiver?
Plate Occasions charges a damage waiver on all rentals. A damage waiver is not insurance. The customer is responsible for any loss or damage to the rented items. The customer is also responsible for returning all rentals in the same condition in which the rentals were received, except for ordinary wear and tear. All broken or damaged items must be returned to Plate Occasions. If broken items are not returned, they will be deemed missing and invoiced for replacement value.

Damage Waiver covers broken items by normal use (ensure broken items are sent back so they are not charged back as missing).

Damage Waiver does not cover missing items. Full replacement value is charged for missing items.

Damage Waiver does not cover damage from misuse/neglect/abuse/theft or unexplained disappearance.

Damage Waiver does not cover loss of charger plates which will be charged back at full replacement cost.

Damage Waiver can be waived but the client will be required to leave a security deposit which will be refunded if all items are returned complete and in the same condition as rented. Any missing, damaged or broken items will be deducted at full replacement cost.

Damage Waiver does not cover damages to any rentals if rentals are left to the elements (not covered or sheltered).

Full replacement value will be charged for any equipment missing or damaged due to neglect/abuse/theft.

Damage Waiver charge will be 3% of rentals. 

10. Do we have to wash anything or do we send it all back to you dirty? Cleaning and washing is part of our rental fee and we handle that for you. If any of our plates are used for food/meal service, then we ask that your caterer please scrape all plates of food, and rinse lightly with water before re-packing.  If rentals are returned to us with solid food waste still present on plates, a $100.00 cleaning fee will be billed to your credit card on file.

11. How do you sanitize your collections? All our products are lovingly cared for, and are washed before / after every use with a commercial grade dishwasher using commercial dishwashing agents and sanitization chemicals.

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